Microdermabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion Treatment:

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion Treatment TorontoMicrodermabrasion is a light cosmetic procedure that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. Most commonly, microdermabrasion uses two parts: an exfoliating material like crystals or diamond flakes and a machine based suction to gently lift up the skin during exfoliation. It is a non-invasive procedure and may be performed in-office by a trained skin care professional. It may also be performed at home using a variety of products which are designed to mechanically exfoliate the skin. Many salon machines and home-use machines use adjustable suction to improve the efficacy of the abrasion tool. Recently cosmetic scrub products that contain fine grit made from the pits of various fruits and from other materials are using the term microdermabrasion in their marketing.
Microdermabrasion is a fairly simple, easy, painless, non-invasive, skin rejuvenation procedure using a combination of a fine abrasive tip or crystals and vacuum suction applied to the skin. Typically there are no needles or anesthetics required for microdermabrasion. The vacuum pressure and speed are adjusted depending on the sensitivity and tolerance of the skin. Microdermabrasion is often compared to the feeling of a cat licking the skin- a rough but gentle texture. Typical microdermabrasion sessions can last anywhere from 5–60 minutes. Minimal to no recovery time is required after microdermabrasion and most people immediately return to daily activity after a session. Makeup and non-irritating creams can usually be applied within a few hours or right after microdermabrasion. Since there is an often immediate increased minor skin sensitivity after microdermabrasion, irritating products like glycolic acids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinoid products or fragranced creams and lotions are typically avoided right after the procedure.
Traditionally, crystal microdermabrasion system contains a pump, a connecting tube, a hand piece, and a vacuum source. While the pump creates a high-pressure stream of inert crystals, such as aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate, to abrade the skin, the vacuum removes the crystals and exfoliated skin cells. Alternatively, the inert crystals can be replaced by a roughened surface of the tip in the diamond microdermabrasion system.
Unlike the older crystal microdermabrasion system, the diamond microdermabrasion does not produce particles from crystals that may be inhaled into patients’ nose or blown into the eyes. Hence, diamond microdermabrasion is regarded as having higher safety for use on areas around the eyes and lips. Generally, the slower the movement of the microdermabrasion handpiece against the skin and the greater the numbers of passes over the skin, the deeper the skin treatment.
Often called microderm for short, microdermabrasion is a procedure to help exfoliate or temporarily remove a few of the top layers of the skin called the stratum corneum. Much like brushing one’s teeth, microdermabrasion helps to gently remove skin plaque and skin debris. Since human skin typically regenerates at approximately 30 day intervals, skin improvement with microdermabrasion is temporary and needs to be repeated at average intervals of two – four weeks for continued improvement. Multiple treatments in combination with sunscreen, sun avoidance, and other skin care creams yield best results.

Dermabrasion is generally used to refer to a true surgical procedure that aggressively abrades away the top to mid layers of the skin. The term microdermabrasion generally refers to a non-surgical procedure that abrades less deeply than dermabrasion. Although the mechanism of the two procedures is similar, the difference in the depth of the abrasion results in different recovery times. Dermabrasion recovery time may take as much as several weeks to several months whereas microdermabrasion recovery time may be as little as one to two days. After microdermabrasion, skin will be much more sensitive to sun exposure. It is best to keep out of the sun and wear sunscreen at all times after the procedure.
Microdermabrasion may be performed to help diminish the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, and photo-damage, as well as diminish fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and shallow acne scars. A further benefit of microdermabrasion is enhanced skin penetration by other skin creams and serums. Removing dead skin (startum corneum of the epidermis) will aid in the penetration of skin care products and medications by up to 10-50%. The controlled skin exfoliation afforded by microdermabrasion will afford make-up and self-tanning products to go on much more smoothly.
Microdermabrasion treatment carries minimal to very few possible side effects or complications. However, some patients may experience temporary mild dryness, sun sensitivity, and rarely temporary bruising or scratches in the area of skin treated.

Is Microdermabrasion painful?

No. Most patients describe the feeling as light tingling sensation.

How many treatments do I need

Depending on the depth of the damage about 6-10 sessions followed by a maintenance program.

How much is it per session?

Microdermabrasion is $125.00 per session, plus tax. “Price may change without prior notice”


Do I see any difference after first treatment?

You sure do! The powerful suction of the Microdermabrasion crystals removes superficial layers of skin which in turn stimulates the growth and regeneration of new skin. Because of this very powerful exfoliation and deep cleansing action, the results can be seen immediately. Immediately after the treatment you may notice that your skin is smoother and that lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars are diminished and that the skin looks more vibrant.

How long do treatments take?

The entire treatment takes about 20 minutes.


Should I continue with my monthly facials?

Actually, the Microdermabrasion provides deeper cleansing, more even exfoliation of the dermis. In Europe, where the technology originated, the Microdermabrasion has been used for nearly eight years replacing facials with success reported in reducing acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation and other superficial skin disorders associated with aging and sun exposure regardless of skin color.

What are the benefits of the treatments?

  • Smoothing and reducing acne and burn scars
  • Contracting enlarged pores
  • Exfoliating clogged pores in acne
  • Smoothing pigment changes and skin discoloration
  • Enhancing superficial skin texture
  • Modifying fine “expression” lines in the forehead and around the mouth, reducing fine lines
  • Stimulates cells producing collagen
  • The Treatment is fast, effective and affordable

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